RetroChallenge 2011 Hunt Tournament

Hunt is a multiplayer terminal deathmatch. The object of the game hunt is to kill off the other players. There are no rooms, no treasures, and no monsters. Instead, you wander around a maze, find grenades, trip mines, and shoot down walls and players. The more players you kill before you die, the better your score is.

Practice games will run every Sunday in January from 22:00 to 22:30 UTC. The final match will take place on January 28th (same time).

The RetroNET hunt server is available any time for practice but scores are only recorded during "official" matches. The winner will be announced after the final match and will recieve a suitably crappy prize.

RetroNET users can access hunt through the Games menu. Non-users can log on to telnet:// with the username "hunt" and password "rcww11". We don't play team games, so don't enter a team number at the prompt!